nieuw werk collier :-\

te zien van 8 aug tot 6 sept 2020 in de Vishal Haarlem expo ArtWear waar 24 sieraadkunstenaars hun werk tonen.

                            SCHMUCK 2019
… mijn werk voor de derde keer geselecteerd voor SCHMUCK !
In maart 2019 was het collier de Rode Draad te zien
in M√ľnchen, Duitsland

de Rode Draad / hout, katoen / 2017

Recently there has been a lot of attention for climate, nature and the role of man in it.
People are becoming increasingly aware that making certain choices have consequences for the environment and nature, now and in the future.

This necklace is about the appreciation of simplicity and nature. My aim with this piece was to work as natural and minimal as possible.
To make the smallest possible ecological footprint. The contrast of a high-quality ‘knowledge economy’ society versus the awareness of the beauty of pure and basic materials. I used material from my immediate environment, like twigs from my garden and vintage embroidery thread. The individual wooden elements are connected to each other by means of a textile technique.
The wood in all its simplicity and the red thread keeping it together.